Big Rock Concrete

The specifications for shop floors are customized to each customer’s needs.  Common upgrades from a standard slab include reduced rebar spacing, thickened slab, floor drains, under-slab insulation and radiant floor heating.

  • Reduced rebar spacing: Used to decrease the chances of cracking in the concrete and maintain a more ridged slab structure.  It is common to reduce rebar spacing when radiant heating is being installed.
  • Thickened slab:  If your shop will have heavy vehicles or equipment (forklifts, dump trucks, class A motor homes etc.) you should increase slab thickness from the standard 4” to a 5” or 6” slab. 
  • Floor drains:  A wide variety of floor drains are available to enable you to wash or clean vehicles indoors. 
  • Under slab insulation:  Used during installation of radiant heating to ensure minimal heat loss.
  • Radiant floor heating: This type of heating system creates a much more consistently heated space than a conventional overhead radiant heater.    Although the initial cost of radiant heating is higher, the utility cost of operating this system is typically lower than overhead heating.  Because the heat radiates from the floor vehicles will thaw out quicker and your feet will stay warm while you work in your shop


IMG 0477

For this shop floor 2" rigid foam insulation was installed with 3/4" Pex tubing, rebar was spaced at 16" O/C. 



​"I was so pleased with our patio and walkway. It is beautiful. Thanks for the job well done."

​"Thanks Karla! The guys did an amazing job on our garage floor. Your staff are very respectful and we are really happy with the finished product"

​"Wow! You guys were so fast getting our concrete in. I love the stamp job you did. It looks amazing! We love it!"