Big Rock Concrete

Whether you are constructing a new patio or have an existing one, it is important that you properly protect and maintain your investment.  A good quality sealer can keep your patio looking great for years to come and it can rejuvenate an older dull-looking surface.  

Various concrete finishes need to be re-sealed regularly to protect the finish.  We recommend re-sealing your patio every few years (depending on exposure to sunlight and traffic levels) as part of your regular maintenance.  

We use a high quality industrial gloss sealer that will enhance the colours of your concrete and leave your concrete protected.  We include the cost of sealing in the price of all of our stamped or exposed finished pads. A sealed concrete patio will have a rich colour and glossy sheen, if desired. For a more subtle look, you can request a matte finish sealer which enhances the colours of the concrete less, but will provide the same protection as a high gloss sealer.

A sealer will help prevent efflorescence, which is a white powdery residue that can form on the surface of coloured patios. Sealing will also provide some protection from staining from things such as leaves, dirt, pet urine, spilled drinks and oil.

We also provide power-washing and re-sealing packages to rejuvenate your older patio.

​"I was so pleased with our patio and walkway. It is beautiful. Thanks for the job well done."

​"Thanks Karla! The guys did an amazing job on our garage floor. Your staff are very respectful and we are really happy with the finished product"

​"Wow! You guys were so fast getting our concrete in. I love the stamp job you did. It looks amazing! We love it!"