Big Rock Concrete

A broomed concrete finish is the traditional and most commonly used concrete finish.  It is generally the most cost-efficient finish that is created by dragging a special broom across the surface of the concrete as it is curing.  Broomed concrete is  commonly used for driveways, sidewalks, stairs and other year-round heavy traffic areas. 

Advantages of broomed concrete:

  • The most cost-efficient style of concrete finishes.
  • Slip resistant surface.
  • Maintenance-free with no sealer required.
  • Colour can be added to a broomed finish mix if desired.
​"I was so pleased with our patio and walkway. It is beautiful. Thanks for the job well done."

​"Thanks Karla! The guys did an amazing job on our garage floor. Your staff are very respectful and we are really happy with the finished product"

​"Wow! You guys were so fast getting our concrete in. I love the stamp job you did. It looks amazing! We love it!"